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FinancialFox Market Watch: Mining market recovering, battery metals up & new trend ̶ smart mining

In this FinancialFox Market Watch episode, SP Angel analyst John Meyer shares his views about investing in mining and the metals market. (Source:

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Where are the big opportunities in battery metals?

John Meyer, partner and mining analyst at SP Angel, discusses where the big deficits and biggest opportunities are going to be in battery metals. (Source:

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Electric ambitions – A look across the value chain for battery minerals extraction

John Meyer, from SP Angel, takes a look across the value chain for battery minerals extraction, with a panel at the 121 Mining Conference in Cape Town (Source:

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How will the slowdown in global GDP affect the mining sector?

John Meyer, from SP Angel, discusses the recent news for the mining sector. He talks about the effects of a predicted slowdown in global gross domestic product (GDP), China's changing policy on battery metal recycling and how the drive to strengthen steel is good for Bushveld Minerals. (Source:

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BBC Newsnight discussion of Zimbabwe's Political and Economic problems

John Meyer, mining analyst and partner at SP Angel, discusses the political and economical problems Zimbabwe is currently facing, with John Sweeney on BBC Newsnight. (Source:

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Where now for miners after confusion around the G20 US-China trade tariffs?

Without a G20 agreement between the two big superpowers, John Meyer, mining analyst and partner at SP Angel, discusses the effects on the metals’ markets. Meyer also talks about the rising price of palladium and its use in, what will be in the long term a reducing market, petrol driven cars. From this the discussion moves onto electric cars and some of the moves in that sector for mining traders. Meyer also covers graphene and graphite. (Source:

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Vanadium stocks to watch as prices reach record highs

With vanadium supply constricting and demand expanding, John Meyer, mining analyst and partner at SP Angel, explains that there are not many plays within the space to watch. He discusses the Russian company, Evraz, Largo (which is listed in Toronto with assets in Brazil) and AIM-listed Bushveld Minerals. While he explains that there are drawbacks in all these plays, Meyer says he cannot see any let-up in the price of the underlying metal to change any of the current dynamics. (Source:

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Tin, tungsten, copper and rare earths now ranking as world's leading strategic metals

SP Angel's John Meyer and chairman of Strategic Minerals Plc (LON:SML) Alan Broome discuss with Proactive London the outlook for battery and strategic metals - in particular tin, tungsten, copper and rare earths. (Source:

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Mining sector: This is where the value shares and opportunities are

Mining stocks have done well since 2016, but are they still good value? Analyst John Meyer gives his view and discusses which areas of the sector look promising currently (Source:

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The hot mining stocks lighting up trading screens

Mining analyst John Meyer tells interactive investor which are the popular mining stocks in London right now, and how we could see lots more takeover action among the industry heavyweights (Source:

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BHP Billiton secures a 'hostile' stake in SolGold, where now?

After having rebuffed an approach for a share of the company a ‘couple of years ago', BHP Billiton finally manages to pick up a 6.1% stake by buying Guyana Goldfields' stake in the business. Jeremy Naylor is joined by John Meyer, Partner and Mining Analyst at SP Angel to discuss more (Source:

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Meyer on Mining: Value and share price drivers

It's been an excellent investment over the past two years, but John Meyer, Partner and Mining Analyst at SP Angel, highlights further catalysts able to trigger even greater demand (Source:

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Electric Planes: The future of global travel

With the creeping electrification of the global transportation, first trains, then ships and now cars, IGTV's Jeremy Naylor sat down with John Meyer, SP Angel, to look at the companies and metals that may benefit from electrification of aeroplanes. (Source:

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Meyer on Mining: Stocks to watch right now

Mining Analyst John Meyer talks to interactive investor about sector dividend yields, the heavyweights with best prospects, and which junior miners are worth watching in H2 (Source:

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What impact will US trade sanctions have on the commodity market?

Jeremy Naylor is joined by John Meyer, SP Angel, to discuss the potential impact of US trade sanctions, and subsequent retaliation, on the commodity markets. (Source:

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What metals are needed for electric vehicles and battery storage?

Demand for batteries is growing as the world transitions toward electric vehicles and renewable energy. But what metals are needed and what companies are mining them? John Meyer,  partner and mining analyst at SP Angel speaks about how investors can gain exposure to the space. (Source:

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Lithium rise to persist as electric vehicles take to the air

Copper demand to be buoyed by grid upgrades needed for electric vehicles, according to John Meyer of SP Angel. (Source:

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Will the recent improvement in sentiment for South African mining compaines continue?

Cyril Ramaphosa's recent election as South African president has seen an optimistic mood across the country. But what does this mean for the mining industry? Joh Meyer of SP Angel speaks to IGTV (Source:

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Expect more 'upward movement' in base metals

With a return to form for base metals, John Meyer from SP Angel, tells IG TV that it is likely that there is more upside to come. Here he gives his reasons, and some of the opportunities in the market. (Source:

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Looking for exporsure to the rise in interest in electric vehicles

John Meyer, Partner at SP Angel, identifies the new hot areas as interest grows in electric vehicles and battery power storage. He speaks on IG TV. (Source:

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Trade idea: long copper, from growth in electric vehicles

As copper production slows down from mature mines, demand is rising. John Meyer looks at his picks including Glencore, Rio Tinto, Georgian Mining and SolGold. He speaks on "IG TV". (Source:

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Meyer: Donald Trump, Fed Dominating Gold Market

John Meyer examines the factors behind the recent upswing in gold prices and where he sees investment opportunities in global mining. He speaks on "Bloomberg Surveillance". (Source: Bloomberg)

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Glencore’s Debt, Dividend and View From China

John Meyer discusses the earnings and outlook for Glencore.  He speaks with Manus Cranny and Caroline Hyde on Bloomberg Television's "On the Move".

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Why Glencore's rally has further to go

Glencore shares surged on Monday and John Meyer, Mining Analyst and Partner at SP Angel expects a further 40-50p to be added to the share price. (Source: CNBC)

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Glencore slides as recovery fades after three-day roller coaster

John Meyer, Mining Analyst and Partner at SP Angel comments on the recent events at Glencore (Source: Bloomberg)

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Commodities Rout Hits BHP Billiton Profits

SP Angel Mining Analyst and Partner John Meyer discusses the rout in commodities and impact from China. He speaks with Francine Lacqua and Manus Cranny on Bloomberg Television's "The Pulse" (Source: Bloomberg)

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'Tough Times' for the Mining Sector

SP Angel Mining Analyst & Partner John Meyer and JP Morgan Asset Management Strategy Head for European Equities Stephen MacKlow-Smith discuss what Meyer calls 'tough times' for Glencore and if that presents and investing opportunity. The speak with Mark Barton on Bloomberg Television's "On The Move". (Source: Bloomberg)

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Are copper prices reaching a bottom?

John Meyer, analyst for SP Angel, reacts to Glencore's "disappointing" earnings and discusses where metal prices are headed. (Source: CNBC)

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Glencore “caught out” by copper price woes, says SP Angel’s Meyer

John Meyer, partner at boutique mining house SP Angel, says blue-chip miner and commodity trader Glencore (LON:GLEN) has been caught out by the price of copper. (Source: Proactive Investors)

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Commodity Glut Continues

SP Angel Partner John Meyer and UniCredit Bank Global Chief Economist Erik Nielsen discuss the slump in commodies with Manus Cranny and Francine Lacqua on “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

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